Direct and Indirect Taxation
Direct Taxes are the taxes that are levied on the income of individuals or organisations. Income tax, corporate tax, inheritance tax are some instances of direct taxation. Income tax is the tax levied on individual income from various sources like salaries, investments, interest etc. Corporate tax is the tax paid by companies or firms on the incomes they earn.
Indirect taxes are those paid by consumers when they buy goods and services. These include excise and customs duties. Customs duty is the charge levied when goods are imported into the country, and is paid by the importer or exporter. Excise duty is a levy paid by the manufacturer on items manufactured within the country. Usually, these charges are passed on to the consumer.
We provide following services regarding Direct and Indirect taxation
  • Corporate and personal tax compliance including income-tax assessments, appeals before the Commissioner (Appeals) and the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Tax Planning
  • Filing of Income-tax, Wealth-tax, Work Contract Tax returns of individuals, corporate and other entities
  • Compliance with Service tax Law